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Black Raspberry

Key Benefits:

Black Raspberries are known as the super power of all caneberries. Many doctors recommend Black Raspberries before and during chemotherapy. For a real immune booster, eat any type of Black Raspberry product. The radical absorbance capacity of black raspberries is almost THREE TIMES HIGHER THAN BLUEBERRIES. Recent studies show black raspberries may be helpful in slowing cancers like:

  • esophogeal cancer
  • colon cancer
  • other oral cancers

Go ahead, do yourself and your family a favor ... live longer.

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Black Raspberries, affectionately known as “Blackcaps” by growers, are native to North America. These uniquely flavored berries are popular in specialty foods, especially jams and ice cream, and are used as a coloring agent as well. A majority of the crop is processed as individually quick frozen raspberries, frozen raspberry puree, or frozen raspberry juice concentrate. Other processing methods include canning, drying, processed bakery fruit fillings and essence, as well as aseptic packaging.

The fruit is blue-black, round and small (2.0 g), and exhibits a whitish bloom on the exterior of the berry. Black raspberries have a distinct and moderately tart flavor, small seed and like the red raspberry, contain a hollow core. 1

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