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Red Raspberry

Key Benefits:

Red raspberries contribute to a healthy diet, and contain antioxidants and "good" acids the body needs. Red Raspberries are known for their potential to slow cancer cells and tumors. Some cancers known to have been slowed are:

  • pancreatic cancer
  • cervical cancer
  • colon cancer
  • breast cancer

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Oregon’s red raspberries are known for their radiant red color and profound flavor. The Willamette and Meeker varieties are predominant among the commercial varieties grown in Oregon where a majority of the crop is processed as individually quick frozen raspberries, frozen raspberry puree, or frozen raspberry juice concentrate. Other processing methods include canning, drying, processed bakery fruit fillings and essence, as well as aseptic packaging.

Raspberries are distinguished from the blackberry and other dewberries in the same genus in that the fruit separates from the receptacle producing a hollow core. The fruit is medium to bright red depending on the variety, of medium size (3.0 g) and moderately tart with small seeds. Red raspberries are well suited for commercial or home freezing, as well as jams and jellies, with a small percentage of the crop destined for fresh markets locally and worldwide. 1

1. Oregon Raspberry and Blackberry Commission.